My scholarship is transdisciplinary . My primary areas of focus are: performance studies, trans* studies, women's, gender, and sexuality studies, decolonial thought, transnational feminisms, queer theory, Black diaspora studies, oral history, cultural studies, critical ecologies, epistemology, ontology, and Black feminisms. 

Book Project (in process): Trans Ecologies Contemplations at the End of the Human

The book uses ecosomatic critical/ethnographic performance inquiry to re-imagine some of the "submerged perspectives" present in and around Greensboro, NC and San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas, México. The book situates itself within the pluriversal projects of other decolonial scholars invested in decentering the logos of the OWW or the one-world world. I also use Afro-diasporic and Native/Indigenous cosmologies to analyze how political work by Black, Indigenous, women, and queer people generates lessons for the the pluriverse. The book insists that trans study is a foundational element of pluriversal thought. Finally, the book asks what trans study and other cosmologies do for critical ontological inquiry. 


I think of classrooms as spaces of pedagogical alchemy. My university classrooms are discussion-rich and student centered, encouraging critical intellectual inquiry with attention to social locations such as race, ethnicity, class, nationality, religion, gender, cognitive and functional diversity, religion, and sexuality as integral practices of situating learning processes and information. In my syllabi, the voices of non-Western and non-white scholars, artists, and organizers are centered as indisputable nexus to practices of knowledge production. I teach skill-building in writing, speaking, and dialogue as methods of knowledge synthesis, integration, and analysis. I ground my students in honing the skills that allow them access to critical thought as a non-elitist project. In this way, I extend the legacy of critical pedagogues that understand pedagogy as the way in which we learn to name our experiences of the world, expanding our capacity to change it by acting as full agents. I base my teaching on premises of Black and transfeminism and decolonial pedagogy.

Current Courses 

Publications/Publicaciones (most recent)

(2020) "If Rigor is Our Dream: Theorizing Black Trans*masculine Futures through Ancestral Erotics" in Gender Futurity/Intersectional Autoethnography: Embodied Theorizing from the Margins , Edited by Amber Johnson and Benny LeMaster. 

(2020) "Honoring What We Know to Be True: Black Transness-As-Medicine" in The Black Trans Prayerbook, Edited by J Mase III and Lady Dane Edidi.

(2019) "Cuerpos y existencias cotidianas trans* como ruptura, abertura e invitación" en En tiempos de muerte. Cuerpos, rebeldías, resistencias, Editado por Xochitl Leyva Solano y Rosalba Icaza.

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